Best Waterbeds Manufacture (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is the specialized enterprise for manufacturing variety high quality Waterbeds, Water Mattresses, Waterbed Parts, Airbeds, Inflatable furniture, Inflatable Swimming Pools, and other Plastic products.
We are the leading manufacturer and exporter for waterbeds since 1990. Our annual output is 100,000 units for exporting to the USA, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Scandinavia, and many other countries worldwide. Our company is located in Danyang development zone of Jiangsu province. We are only 3 hours away from Shanghai port.
With the latest equipment, our professional management and experienced technicians group operate the most advanced technologies available in pursuit of a better night’s sleep. Our technology and products quality have attained EU standard. The waterbed presents luxurious and elegant, with its soft and comfortable removable mattress covers. Abiding by the principle of “Satisfaction of Customers, Continual Improvement of Products & Services quality, is our Constant Aim? we have won the high appreciation and support of clients, and regarded as the most important manufacturer of the sector in waterbed field.
Our independent "Mary’sland" waterbeds adopt panegyric EU quality system and technologies; meanwhile comply with California waterbeds standard. All the raw materials and accessories are imported and the product is a revolutionary vertebra protected slumber product which can bring health, comfort and fashion together.
Mary’sland Flotation System, Sign of Healthy Sleep, Sign of Healthy Life!

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