Best Waterbeds Manufacture (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is the specialized enterprise for manufacturing variety high quality Waterbeds, Water Mattresses, Waterbed Parts, Airbeds, Inflatable furniture, Inflatable Swimming Pools, and other Plastic products.
We are the leading manufacturer and exporter for waterbeds since 1990......
About 10 centuries ago, people found certain materials better than bare ground for sleeping. Leaves, pine needles, animal skins, or whatever else happened to be hanging around were used to provide comfort......
Softside Octagonal Dual Flotation System Softside Round Flotation System Soft-sided Reinforced Foam Rail Hardside Mono flotation system
Softside Dual Flotation System Softside Multiple Tube Flotation System Softside Single Flotation System Softside Waterbed Mattress Cover
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