·Softside Flotation System
--Softside Single Flotation System
--Softside Dual Flotation System
--Softside Multiple Tube Flotation System
--Softside Octagonal Flotation System
--Softside Round Flotation System
  ·Hardside Flotation System
--Hardside Single Flotation System
  ·Waterbed Components
--Water Mattress
--Safety Liner
--Thermal Divider
--Waterbed Tube
--Mattress Cover
--Foam Rails
  ·Waterbed Accessories
--Waterbed Heater
--Waterbed Conditioner
--Vinyl Cleaner
--Bubble Stop
--Vinyl Repair Kit
--Waterbed Valve
Waterbeds parts------Softside Vinyl Watermattresses

Softside Vinyl Watermattresses

Product Features:
* California Waterbed Standard.
* Any mattress sizes are available.
* Offer different thickness and colours for mattresses.
* Individual firmness adjustment.
* Waveless types: 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%.
* Fibers: Thermal bonded fiber, can offer 300g, 400g and 450g.
* 8'' Mattress fill depth.

* "L" Reinforced corner construction.
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